A new vision- a new journey – an inspiration to build a space which provides multidisciplinary learning opportunities for every individual, irrespective of age, to nurture holistic development in terms of emotional, physical and creative openness, furthering the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At this moment I remember the words of a great educationist and philosopher Dr. Radhakrishnan who said “In the last few decades the world has been transformed so rapidly and completely at any rate in its superficial aspects. Science helps us to build up our outer life, but another discipline is necessary to strengthen and refine the living spirit.”

“We keep moving forward opening new doors and doing new things because curious and a curiosity keeps leading us down the path.”

With this belief, The Spark- took birth in the month of April 2015 with the vision to provide multidisciplinary skill building and holistic development opportunity in the field of Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Sports and Speech & Drama. With a humble beginning with just 3 students and 2 Teachers, today it has grown to a 400 strong student community. Today with 21 Teachers/ Coaches on board, learning opportunities are provided in more than 20  different disciplines in the arena of Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Sports, Martial Arts, Handwriting and Speech and Drama in association with Helen O’ Grady international.   Moving forward the aim is to create facility for multiple disciplines where-in every individual must be able to choose a learning discipline matching his/ her aptitude. We believe that age should not be a constraint for learning and proud to say that our students age range from 3 years to 42 years.  We welcome all parents to join and invigorate a lost passion. The Spark believes in self-development through renewal which must facilitate change in thinking, feeling, and action. The idea is to bring in a revolution in the way in which these vocational disciplines are being thought & practiced vis-à-vis to create much more structured learning space which must build the students skills, feelings, and outlooks, and inculcate personal change. Ultimately renewal must energize life by acquiring abilities to face the changing social environment, sustaining relationships and caring of mind and body.

While learning a musical instrument or to say any performing art or sport may be an easy thing to do, but what makes it important is the promotion of vital life skills like creativity, team understanding, imagination, focus, improved communication, which gets developed in the child, during the course of learning.

Lines for Parents

 “Every person has a light with him

Every ray of light, that is radiated by him

Makes him shine in the wide world”

Parents being the first teachers have the potential to play an immensely proactive role. You dear parents are like the proverbial complementary wheels of progress. We feel deeply Cherished to offer a pleasant welcome to each one of you as you are the beam of support for all the efforts taken.

Lines for Teachers

“The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you,

who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau,

sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called ‘truth’.”

Yes dear Spark teachers, you are our mentors, moulders, sculptors and architects whose consistent diligence, sincerity, devotion and Zealous perservance can be visualized in today’s performance; we hail and honor your noble struggle and sacrifices. We welcome you to enjoy the harvest of your own labour.